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General terms and conditions


Offers by the EB Zurich are open to all interested parties. Possible conditions are set out on the course descriptions.


After receiving your application we will send you written confirmation of registration. At least one week before the course starts the EB Zurich will send you both the invitation and an invoice. Exceptions are stated on the course description.


Cancellations entail administrative time and effort. We therefore charge the following costs:
Up to 8 days before a course begins: free of charge
7 to 1 days before a course begins: 50% of the course fee plus CHF 50.– processing fee
Once the course has started: 100% of the course fee

Exceptions for special modules and training courses labelled as such:
Up to 28 days before a course begins: free of charge
27 to 8 days before a course begins: 50% of the course fee, plus CHF 50.– processing fee
within 7 days before a course begins: 100% of the course fee

Unattended classes cannot be repeated or refunded.
If a course does not materialise, the EB Zurich will inform you about alternative options.


For information about all course fees see the EB Zurich programme and website. The fees are set according to the regulations of the cantonal education department. In individual cases the EB Zurich can, for important reasons, offer reduced course fees. The relevant application forms are available from the administration.

Vocational students

Students residing in canton Zurich who are enrolled in vocational training, or a secondary school, or are unemployed and enrolled in a vocational college, pay only half the normal course fee for further education courses which are not offered free of charge. Special conditions apply for commercial and industrial vocational trainees in the city of Zurich. As conditions vary, we recommend that you enquire at your college before registering.


Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Certificate of Attendance

Course participants with an attendance rate of 75% or more receive a Certificate of Attendance from the EB Zurich. Special rules apply for higher education courses.

Use of the facilities

All EB Zurich software products are protected by copyright; the copying of any software is prohibited. For the period of your enrolment you are entitled to log in free of charge to the EB Zurich WLAN system.


The EB Zurich disclaims any and all liability. It solely lies within the participant's responsibility to be adequately covered by an insurance. The use of the facilities is at your own risk. For lost or stolen objects, or damage such as computer viruses, caused by the handling of the hardware and software provided, the EB Zurich shall not be held liable.

Data protection

Access to EB Zurich's webpage is anonymous. We register the browser type and IP-address for statistical purposes only. No personal data is stored.

To register for a course, personal data for administrative and invoicing purposes is required. This information is handled in strict confidence and used for EB Zurich internal purposes only. Under no circumstances do we hand over your personal data to interested companies or third parties. To the best of our ability we will prevent any unauthorised access to your data.

According to Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution and the provisions of Swiss data protection legislation, every person is entitled to have their privacy respected and to be protected from misuse of their personal data. The EB Zurich is committed to complying with these provisions. This means that you are entitled at any time to receive information about your stored personal data and to request having it deleted in its entirety from our database


The programme, the fees or the General Terms and Conditions are all subject to change

March 2016